Intentional Wardrobe Series: Choosing Your Essentials

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Welcome back to Part 3 of the Intentional Wardrobe Series: Choosing Your Wardrobe. Wardrobe essentials are foundational pieces/items that make up the core of your style. They are the starting point of all your outfits and they go beyond seasons. A wardrobe with solid key pieces [...]

Intentional Wardrobe Series: Define Your Style

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Today I'll help you define your style. Welcome back to Step 2 of the Intentional Wardrobe series! You're going to read through this post and then take a weekend out to follow the steps. You'll be SO glad you did. Take this time for yourself [...]

Intentional Wardrobe Series: Clearing Your Wardrobe

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Welcome to Step 1 of the Intentional Wardrobe series! I’m really excited to start this series off with you, and hope you’ll join me in building your wardrobe with intention. There are five detailed steps, as well as all the tips and tricks I’ve learned [...]