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Do you feel like your clothes don’t express your true style? Get access to a Style Coach who will help you create a new style vibe.

  • 10 minute consultation
  • Focus on identifying style aspirations and wardrobe goals
  • 45 minute virtual shopping
  • Shopping list to help your style journey

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It’s time to refresh your fashion! You get access to a Style Coach who will help you create a new closet vibe.

  • 30 min consult to identify personal style and key elements
  • 1 hour step-by-step closet edit
  • Style challenges and worksheets to help style journey
  • Personalized blueprint for new wardrobe

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Do you have a closet full of clothes but “nothing to wear”? Work with a Style Coach to create a comprehensive collection, based on your style and budget needs.

  • 20 minute consultation
  • 2 – one hour sessions (face-to-face, via Facetime or Skype) to evaluate wardrobe
  • Analysis of current personal style
  • Personalized blueprint for your new style and outfit pairing
  • Style challenges, worksheet, and shopping list to help you in your style journey
  • Personal recommendations of clothing/accessories for you to purchase

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This is the closet overhaul that you’ve been waiting for! Whether it’s for everyday wear or work wear, Purple Sash has you covered! Let a Style Coach help you in creating a stress-free closet.

  • Analysis of current wardrobe, identifying needs and filling in gaps
  • 2 – one hour sessions (face-to-face, via Facetime or Skype) to evaluate wardrobe
  • Personalized Wardrobe blueprint
  • Style challenges and worksheets
  • 1 hour Wardrobe Recommendations and Outfit Pairing

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